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Sub-Reseller Enabled
Resellers Create and Sell cPanel Reseller Hosting Plans in Real Time

For a one time setup fee of $25 we will enable your cPanel reseller hosting account to create other resellers, sub-resellers. You can create multiple sub-reseller (= multiple-domain) accounts within your reseller account and sell these to your clients as multiple-domain accounts. Your sub-reseller will NOT have or need an WHM interface as he or she will be able to set up and administer domains from the cPanel interface. All resources for the sub-reseller accounts you create are taken from your main account — create as many subresellers as your resources allow. Your customer won't know that his account is a sub-resller account unless you tell him. Same as with your main reseller account this is a completely transparent solution, we will never contact your customer. What's more, even your reseller can create reseller accounts if you permit him to do this. You are able to set the limits on these.

Carl subscribes to a sub-reseller enabled cPanel reseller hosting account that comes with 8000 MB of space and 120 Gig of bandwidth. Carl decides to offer these three types of cPanel reseller accounts:
    Reseller Plan A:  500 MB, 7 Gig bandwidth, up to 10 domains: whatever pricing
Reseller Plan B:  1000 MB, 15 Gig bandwidth, up to 50 domains: whatever pricing
Reseller Plan C:  2000 MB, 30 Gig bandwidth, up to 100 domains: whatever pricing
He can create 16 Reseller Plan A accounts or eight of type Plan B or four of Plan C, or a mix of these. Say Carl sells six Plan A and two Plan B accounts, then he is still left with 3000 MB space and 48 Gig bandwidth for his single domain hosting plans.

 Before signing up, please read the FAQ below!

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cpanel subreseller

$25 USD
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$25 USD

 30 day money back guarantee does apply.


Q: What is the technical difference between a cPanel reseller and a sub-reseller hosting plan?
A: You as main reseller have WHM access and you can create new domains via WHM. The sub-reseller can do so via the cPanel interface. (Once enabled, you will also set up these cPanel sub-resellers via cPanel.)

Q: Do you have a demo?
A: Please see the DEMO here (LOGIN: reseller, PASSWORD: demo1).

Q: Who provides customer service to the sub-reseller?
A: You do. We provide the same support you receive otherwise for your single domain hosting plans.

Q: I am an existing cPanel/WHM reseller client. Can I add this service to my plan?
A: Yes. Just sign up for it by making a payment and sending us a brief message and we enable your account within 24 hours.

Q: What are the limitations in managing my sub-reseller plans?
A: You are in full control. You can suspend, create, delete domain hosting accounts of your sub-reseller as you can do with your own accounts.

Q: Can I run my own nameservers?
A: Yes, you can (for an extra fee, for the IPs). We suggest, however, to use our anonymous nameservers instead; the setup is faster and there is no long propagation time. But your sub-reseller will not be able to run his own nameservers.

Q: Do you also have a sub-reseller enabled plan for Plesk?
A: No.

How to set up sub-reseller account functionality in your WHM

(1) Login to the WHM (WebHost Manager) interface of your reseller account: e.g.:
(2) In the main left hand menu, in the "Add-ons" section, click on "RV Skin Manager."
(3) If accessing this option the first time, set all the required settings you see listed under "Important Configuration" on the main screen (read the instructions there). You can change these at any time.
(4) Click on "Enable/Disable" under Sub Reseller System section and follow instructions.




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